The LegioBox devices have various options for communication. The different solutions all have specific characteristics. bandwidth, range but also energy consumption are important for IoT projects. In critical applications, a combination of communication techniques is also a possibility. If the LegioBox can communicate by means of a telecom operator and via a fixed Ethernet connection, higher reliability can be obtained during a Telco problem.

Avic supports all Telecom providers. Depended on your application and your location we can advice you about the most preferable provider

If energy consumption in combination with high reliability is important and you want to be able to manage your devices worldwide, then a combination of NBIoT and Cat M1 is an interesting option. All Avic products are suitable for these techniques as standard. With the LegioBox IoT devices you are prepared for the technological possibilities of the future

At Avic, we believe that the future will show the expansion of NB-IoT and LTE-M over other proprietary LPWA technologies in the field. One of the reasons will be cost and the ease of use.

Another will be coverage and reliability. Like LTE-M, network upgrades will enable NB-IoT growth through already existing towers, making the migration easy. And while many other technologies might be highly applicable for many IoT deployments, the lack of a global coverage will limit the usability. NB-IoT, with fewer such restrictions, will be the big player in the expanding IoT market.

The bottom line for customer choice will come down to cost and coverage. Until global standards emerge, many players, both licensed and not, will compete in the enormous IoT marketplace. It’s an important decision whether to be locked into a low-cost, proprietary system or to go with an IoT service provider linked into multiple carriers, thus providing seamless reliable, low-cost connectivity coverage.

All LegioBox products using the ublox R4 modules Delevering: LTE Cat m1 / NBIoT / 2G (GPRS)

SARA-R4 series

Multi-band LTE-M / NB-IoT and EGPRS modules

Ultra-compact LTE-M / NB-IoT and EGPRS modules with multi-regional coverage

  • Configure with a single hardware version
  • Flexible mode selection as LTE Cat M1 / LTE Cat NB1 / EGPRS-only/preferred
  • Built-in device and data security with Root of Trust (-x3B variants)
  • Deliver critical firmware updates via uTOTA with LwM2M
  • Easy migration betee u-blox 2G, 3G and 4G modules

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