Define the scope





Design your business model

  • Benefits
  • New services
  • Stakeholders
  • Impact on organization
  • Payback period

Make necessary preparations

  • Modeling of products
  • Device selection / design
  • Workflow design
  • Visualization
  • Alarming & reporting

Create your

  • Create basic components
  • Build your scada screens
  • Build forms & workflows
  • Build report and alarms
  • Create user types

Configure your application

  • Mount IoT devices
  • Start your IoT Application
  • Configure live environment
  • Configure new users, schedulers and scenarios

Start using the application

  • Start your devices
  • Manage your assets
  • Manage your devices
  • Improve maintenance
  • Enjoy the power of IoT!

Asset Management

Create your own dashboards. Generate reports. Distribute alarms & notifications and share all the data on desktop, phone, tablet of by API.

Design your own application

Screens can easily be created in a drag and drop development environment. Elements like graphs, tables, controls or maps can be used. Screens can serve as advanced dashboards, overview screens with KPI’s or benchmarks. With the help of regression and extrapolation, advance maintenance predictions can be used. Self-designed automatic Reports can be scheduled and distributed to stakeholders. All kinds of standard modules are available, f.e. for alarm overviews, alarm management and data-reviewing.

Device Management

Manage your sensor and devices in a very easy way. Keep the devices up to date and program and configure the devices over the air. For over 20 years this also applies to our reliable, true plug and play low power hardware solutions..

Easy access to your devices

Avision offers an integrated, easy to use environment in which the IoT devices can be added, managed and maintained. Through the hardware dashboard you get detailed insight into the functioning and behavior of the IoT devices as well as their connected sensors. Devices can be programmed (edge computing) via your dashboard, parameterized and even provided with new firmware. The management of small numbers to thousands of devices is easily possible with device management from Avision.

Maintenance Management

Create your own forms and inspection workflows. Distribute tasks and share the results on desktop phone or tablet and integrate with other systems.

Design your own workflow

With Avision it is possible to create your own inspection and maintenance forms. Forms may include (pull down) input fields, check boxes and signature fields. Do you want to upload additional documents or photos? No problem, it s easy. Tasks can be defined and merged into workflows. Workflows can be started manually, scheduled or via an event. With the help of inspections, maintenance can be optimized. Inspection can guarantee compliance with laws and regulations. After completed workflows, automatic reports can be generated and distributed to the stakeholders. The yearly development of your data can be easily reviewed and used for predictive purposes.

How avision makes Iot simple…

  • Codeless creativity building IoT solutions in Avision is done by configuration, without ever having to write a single line of code.
  • Elegant visualization any information that you want to convey is presented exactly the way you want in Avision.
  • Seamless IoT device integration field-installed IoT devices are managed and connected directly in avision.
  • Versatile alarming Avision delivers a multitude of triggers that can set off timely notifications of critical events.
  • Streamlined automation all your business processes can be defined and automatically operated from within Avision.
  • Well-balanced user engagement managing users and their access rights in Avision is straightforward without concessions.
  • Independent ownership thanks to Avision’s codeless design principle, new functionality can easily be built by your own organization.
  • Always on track new ideas can be tried, implemented, tested and as you learn and move along, without any disruptions.

With more than 20 years of IoT experience and serving almost every industry with our hard and software we love to help you as well!
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